Vindabeive 2019 - 1L

Vindabeive 2019 - 1L


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In these parts they called it "Nebiulin", a simple, easy to drink Nebbiolo grape wine. Could it be a coincidence that Luca and Carolina di Valfaccenda thought of bottling it in a one liter format? Vindabeive is THE wine of conviviality par excellence. From the younger vineyards of Valfaccenda, the "wine to drink" (as the name says in Piedmontese dialect) provides for a vinification that passes only through fermentation and brief aging in steel; that's all. For a "snack sinoira" with all the trappings, to uncork for a pizza or to accompany the dense chatter in good company. Literally: you can't get more glou-glou than this. Straight from the bottle? No judging.

Variety : 100% Nebbiolo
Vol. 12.5%
Contains sulfites


Carolina and Luca are Valfaccenda, the most sincere and interesting interpreter of the Roero landscape. They are two wonderful people with whom we will never miss an opportunity to climb up the nervous hills of Roero, the places where they cultivate their vines with respect, attention to sustainability and with the desire to bottle the purest expression of this land. Only Nebbiolo and Arneis, autochthonous varieties with which they have signed a tacit exclusivity contract, to create salty, juicy and crunchy wines. Valfaccenda wines are capable of telling the drinker about their origins, the scent of the vineyard, the wholesomeness of the plant and the fresh and alternative spirit of this young and lively couple in an original and brilliant way. The approach in the cellar is sober and conservative: it neither takes away nor adds anything to the natural transformation of the grapes, giving us extraordinary and expressive Nebbioli "in the nose" and Arneis "in the mouth". Real wines, of substance, magnificent labels that with great joy we see more and more around the world.

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