Hazelnut tiles - 200g

Hazelnut tiles - 200g

Azienda Agricola William Brignolo

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Thin, very crumbly and with a marked nutty aroma, these traditional Piedmontese biscuits take their name from the shape similar to those of the slate tiles of alpine houses. They are biscuits, but don't call them simple desserts: from the more conventional hot chocolate and barolo chinato at the end of the meal, tegole shine even with creamy and savory cheeses (did someone say gorgonzola?), together with berries and balsamic vinegar or to be used for a tiramisu with a twist.

Ingredients: Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnut paste (51%), sugar, egg white, potato starch, corn starch.

Gluten and lactose free.


William Brignolo has recently landed in the world of hazelnuts and yet, n Despite his very young age and a second full-time profession, he managed to raise the bar of the Tonda Gentile Trilobata of the Alta Langa even higher. In this area of ​​Piedmont, a rich constellation of environmental factors creates the ideal microclimate for this crop: the hilly and draining soils, the low temperatures during the night and the influence of the sea breeze from the nearby Ligurian coast work together to give us a hazelnut universally appreciated for its marked aroma and its nutritional properties. In the small family hazelnut grove in Sommariva del Bosco, William cultivates his hazelnuts with devotion and care, creating products where the beauty of this variety is constantly in the spotlight. He's a neighbor of ours, but parochialism doesn't apply here: we couldn't be happier to welcome William's products into our selection!

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