Black whole-grain Aromatic Venere Rice - 1 kg

Black whole-grain Aromatic Venere Rice - 1 kg

Cascina Oschiena

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A very successful combination of West and East: Venere rice was born from the encounter between an Asian and an Italian variety, which gave birth to one of the most interesting rices from an organoleptic and nutritional point of view. However, Cascina Oschiena's is a step forward: Alice is one of the very few rice farmers who work with certified seeds and her rice is grown in an protected biodiversity environment. Black Venere rice grains are rounded and have a natural ebony color, due to the high content of antiocyanins - powerful antioxidants - and contain a much higher percentage of fibers and mineral salts than white rice. During cooking, the Venere rice releases an irresistible scent of popcorn and freshly baked bread and its texture, dense and crunchy, is the premise of an equally dense and rich taste, with hints of corn and dried fruit. Venere rice is suitable for extremely varied recipes, from risotto to salads, and is perfect combined with fish and white meats.

Cooking time: 35-40 minutes
Ingredients: Rice


Since 2008 in the centenary family farmhouse, Alice has been leading a project aiming to enhance and safeguard the territory where she works. All that while cultivating and producing extraordinary rices, some of which with exotic appeal such as whole-grain Venere and others with better known names, but with an extra gear: Carnaroli and Arborio of Cascina Oschiena may boast of the Classic appellation, a term reserved only for some historical Italian rice varieties and which guarantees that the rice contained in the package is 100% belongs to the declared variety. Yes, not all the boasted Carnaroli and Arborio are for real! Cascina Oschiena is a shining example of how producing high quality food and doing that in a sustainable way are two sides of the same coin. Rice is the end point, but Alice's overall vision was much broader. His idea of avant-garde rice cultivation was harmoniously expressed within the original architecture of the farmhouse. An efficient space where you can breathe the history of the place, where waste has been reduced to the bone and where you actively work with and for the environment. Some detail numbers? Over the past twelve years over 5,000 plants have been planted and more than 25 hectares of paddy fields, a quarter of the farm area, were converted into a natural oasis, thus protecting biodiversity and repopulating it with its fauna. An example? Black-tailed Godwits, rare traveling birds, resumed nesting in rice fields and so became the full-fledged unusual mascot and company symbol. Good rice is much more than cooking-keeping rice. It's also and above all that.

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