Long Smooth Tomato Purée - 310g

Long Smooth Tomato Purée - 310g


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The first gift from our natural garden: the long smooth tomatoes of the summer of 2021. A puree born for family use and consumption, it has become a stock large enough to deserve sharing outside the walls of our farmhouse. These tomatoes harvested at peak maturity have been grown with so much care and zero chemicals. A product to keep summer in a jar all year round. We processed the tomatoes exactly as we would for our pantry: just three ingredients which, perfectly balanced, create a puree that is as essential as it is successful. A few minutes in the pan to make a quick and tasty tomato sauce, to be used as a base for other sauces, for pappa al pomodoro, to season a pizza. Or raw, to entertain you with a Bloody Mary while the rest is boiling in the pot.

Ingredients: tomato, salt, basil.


Braja was born from a vegetable garden, a small and generous piece of land on our family's farm in Sommariva del Bosco which gave us its abundant and delicious fruits during the summer of 2020. Fruits so abundant that we decided to transform them and share them. Braja's project starts from the earth. We are above all a farm, a reality with an ancient peasant history with very close ties with the territory and its actors. We are a network of producers and a collector of agricultural realities that share the values ​​promoted by Slow Food like us: projects that look at environmental sustainability, the promotion of biodiversity and the safeguarding of Piedmontese peasant knowledge. Our values ​​are translated into the selection of unique, excellent and expressive products that we bring to you. Each product tells its own story, and it does it as we do on the farm: out loud.

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