Langhe Nascetta di Novello DOC 2021 - 75cl

Langhe Nascetta di Novello DOC 2021 - 75cl

Luca Marenco

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If the producers of Nascetta - the only native white berried variety of the Langhe - are few, those who have chosen to preserve the vines of this semi-known and less lucrative vine in Novello (municipality in the Barolo area where Nascetta originates) can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Luca Marenco is one of these, and bets on a n precious vine. Nascetta is a semi-aromatic grape that gives life to a wine with herbaceous notes of sage and rosemary rich and mineral, of great flavor, where one glass calls to another. A versatile wine to drink young throughout the meal, or aged for a few years to let it express all its hidden complexity. Marenco's Nascetta ages in steel from start to finish; a wine that only needs to be accompanied because everything else is already written in its DNA.

Variety: Nascetta 100%
Contains sulphites
13% ABV


Don't let his age fool you: Luca is very young, but his vision is anything but immature or improvised. Heir to a family winemaking tradition in Barolo and Novello, Luca got involved by launching wines that bear his name but which are faithful spokespersons for the territory in which he was born and raised. Rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty, he cultivates and transforms native varieties by integrating traditional savoir-faire with innovation, using cutting-edge sustainable techniques and equipment both in the vineyard and in the cellar. His wines are good and honest, direct and convivial, capable of clearly describing the territory and the vintage from which they come. This is his first vintage on the market, and we have secured a good supply. A gamble? To us it sounds more like a certainty!

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