La Comediè, Barbera Pet-Nat - 75cl

La Comediè, Barbera Pet-Nat - 75cl

Tenuta Foresto

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La Comediè is fresh and disruptive like a film from the Nouvelle Vague where the protagonist, Barbera, tells her story without tricks and frills, putting on stage the best version of herself. Godard would say: "l or splendor of truth". The grapes are partially de-stemmed and placed in concrete tanks for at least a day. They are then drawn off, pressed and decanted into steel tanks, where part of the spontaneous fermentation takes place in contact with the skins without checking the temperature. A small part of the must is kept before fermentation, which will in fact be used for refermentation in the bottle, thus obtaining a natural sparkling. La Comediè is bottled in spring on a waning moon and aged for 6 months in the bottle, without any clarification or filtration nor addition of sulfur dioxide. La Comédie offers vinous aromas and small red berried fruits on the nose, and an energetic sip in the mouth, with the marked acidity typical of Barbera and an entertaining bubble.

Variety: Barbera 100%
13.5% ABV
Contains sulphites


In Nizza Monferrato, in the heart of the Asti hills, Tenuta Foresta was born in 2016. The company is housed in a farmhouse in a state of semi-abandonment where the vineyards had managed to escape the specter of intensive agriculture. An amusement park for Francesco, a Venetian in love with Barbera, and Pauline: Tenuta Foresta is housed in an ecosystem of woods, ponds and vineyards where the ideal conditions are created to close the circle of their vision of viticulture, which is synergistic and holistic. Inspired by Fukuoka's theories, they practice circular agriculture which is tiring but which they themselves call intuitive. The rule is to support natural balances, already intrinsically perfect, making use of common sense science and technology, and always maintaining an experimental approach. The same happens in the cellar: the effort and the innovation are always addressed in a mechanical key, never synthetic, in order not to frustrate everything that has been asked for and has been received from the land during the year .

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