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Fusili - 500g

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Is the shape of pasta suitable for all sauces and every day? Fusilli, versatility made with a propeller! The sauce twists between the spirals of durum wheat remaining firmly clinging to their rough and porous surface. Fusilli Bossolasco go well with an incredible number of recipes: from ragù to Genoese pesto, from puttanesca to a simple and effective tomato puree (that of Pomodoro Lungo Liscio di Braja, of course!). No contraindications for this hypnotic and satisfying Italian first course!

Cooking time: 6/7 min
Length: 40mm
Diameter: 11mm

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina (contains gluten ), water.
May contain traces of soy .


The Bossolasco farm, in the Savigliano countryside in the province of Cuneo, has the broad shoulders of centuries-old experience and the sharp mind of the new generations. It is a family business with an ancient history and an enterprising spirit. A company that has freed itself from the gloomy and demeaning world of the wheat market as a commodity, courageously managing to differentiate itself and internally unify a usually fragmented supply chain: growing wheat and producing pasta, and what pasta! A truly artisanal pasta, with an extraordinary cooking resistance and a generous and satisfying taste.


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