Croatina Colli Tortonesi DOC "Firangiuli" 2016 - 75cl

Croatina Colli Tortonesi DOC "Firangiuli" 2016 - 75cl

Boveri Giacomo

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Croatina is a vine with soft tannins and a vigorous structure, historically present in the Tortona hills and used in the past for its ability to improve the quality of other wines, especially in less fortunate years, but very rarely vinified alone. A difficult vine, which requires clayey soils with moderate fertility and which Giacomo identified in the "Firangiuli" vineyard, or the rows of Julius, the name used to indicate the site in Costa Vescovato (Alessandria) where the Croatina vineyards were planted in the 2010. A sumptuous wine, bold and with a purplish red colour, with a straightforward and complex taste and aromas of apple, cherry and plum with a slight vanilla note. A full-bodied, warm and round wine with perfectly balanced acidity. In addition to the vine, the masterful balance of this wine is calibrated through a late maturation, a controlled temperature fermentation and a one year aging in steel tanks.

Variety: Croatina 100%
Vol. 14.5%
Contains sulfites


The origins of the Boveri winery date back to between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century, an uninterrupted agricultural history for centuries and five generations. History teaches us that in this tumultuous period of time the status of agricultural work goes from being remunerative and central to marginal and disadvantageous. Yet, in 1988, Giacomo Boveri hangs up his training as a telecommunications technician, choosing to devote himself full-time to the management of the family farm. Over the next thirty years Giacomo set up the business with the intention, on the one hand, of increasing the company surface area, and on the other, of improving the techniques in the vineyard and in the cellar.  The main objective, however, has been from the beginning to produce and promote wines with a marked territorial character, betting on native vines on the verge of oblivion such as Timorasso, Croatina and Freisa. Time proved him right. To close the circle, since 2019 the Boveri winery has been following the Passion & Reason protocol for sustainable viticulture, with guiding principles that look synergistically at improving product quality and protecting the environment.

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