Red Onion Compote - 190g

Red Onion Compote - 190g

Casa Matilda

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A classic chopping board, but full balance between sweet, acrid and spicy. Forget everything you know about gelatinous and cloying onion compotes: the Tropea one from Casa Matilda is incredibly creamy and with a much more interesting aromatic profile from the standard product from shelf. The natural sweetness of the red onion rises with the intense pepperiness of the cloves and the aromaticity of the sultanas. Wonderful with blue cheeses and with super savory taleggio and pecorino, with game or inside a hamburger and again, hear-hear, in combination with a tuna steak!

Ingredients: Tropea red onions, brown sugar, red wine vinegar , red wine , sultanas, cloves.


For Casa Matilda in Dogliani, preserving the fruit and vegetables grown in the company's gardens and orchards is a serious matter. Inside each jar, only raw materials of impeccable quality raised with dedication in the fields (and without the help of pesticides and herbicides) and selected with craftsmanship. The recipes are those of the Piedmontese tradition handed down from past generations and each of the compotes, mustards, appetizers and creams faithfully brings the taste of the main ingredient, which is never alternated with the use of thickeners, preservatives, additives, flavors or artificial colors . The fruit is always harvested and processed at the perfect degree of ripeness, allowing for the addition of only a minimal percentage of cane sugar and fresh lemon juice to balance it, while for the vegetables, only extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, unrefined salt refined, Langa wine vinegar and aromatic herbs from the same garden. Pasteurization takes place at a very low temperature over indirect heat, allowing the original colors and aromas of fresh fruit and vegetables to be preserved. Those of Casa Matilda are small glass masterpieces, bijoux that bring all the authenticity of the Piedmontese countryside.

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