Amber Beer - 75cl

Amber Beer - 75cl

Azienda Agricola Fré

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Amber in name and in fact: a beer with medium body and aroma, which is in perfect balance between the bitterness of toasted malts and the fruity aromas of the hops grown in Carrù the fields of Azienda Agricola Frè. High fermentation beer, refermented in the bottle, unpasteurized and unfiltered.

Alc 6.5 abvv 

Ingredients: Water,barley maly, Hops, yeast

Contains gluten


A beer that comes from the fields, from barley processed without the use of pesticides and herbicides and from hops of American origin, but which in the Cuneo area take on their own characteristics, linked to the territory. Beers that could not shorten the supply chain any more. Antonello Musso is a pioneer in the panorama of local micro-breweries. In its all-grain beers with a clean and refreshing English style, the hops bring peculiar fruity notes and citrus scents, while the use of slightly characterizing yeasts leaves full room for the expressiveness of a very high quality malt. Purity, care and balance are the pillars at the base of Frè's philosophy, which restricts its proposal to two essential types: blonde and amber. Limiting Not at all! A wider range would have been just a misleading boast, a hindrance that would have taken away from the noble and ambitious mission of the project: to make a fully self-produced beer. It is the obsessive attention dedicated to each production phase to guarantee superb quality and a unique product, making Frè the unique and exemplary brewery it is today. For Antonello, the key to research and development starts upstream, in the fields. Pay attention to him!

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