Beard - 75cl

Beard - 75cl

Braccia Rese

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Barba is made from a typical blend of the Saluzzo hills, but it is transformed as few (or no one) have dared to do: with spontaneous fermentation given by the indigenous yeasts present in the vineyard. The wine from the vines of Barba (the uncle, the elderly winemaker) is obtained from plants with more than 50 years of life. Two vines with different ripening periods but historically harvested together: in this way the acidity of the Barbera is well supported by the tannin of the Chatus. A refined balance that lends itself to the whole meal on the table, on the beach, for a picnic, on a boat, in the mountains or for a pajama party: truly, Barba looks good anywhere.

Variety: 50% Barbera, 50% Chatus
13% ABV
Contains sulphites


Braccia Rese is the name of the agricultural company of Elia, Giovanni and Livio, in order: a designer who becomes a winemaker, a surveyor who saves the family vineyard and an oenologist who knows and believes in the house wine (and if some names and stories sound familiar, that's because they are: Livio and Elia are the same two characters from the C&L Sidreria ). They all share the same environmental imprinting, that of the Cuneo countryside and the Saluzzo hills, and they all share the same mission: to give back strong arms and fresh heads to an idea of ​​agriculture that is both ancient and unexplored. In the vineyard manual interventions and only copper and sulfur in limited quantities, in the cellar until clarification and filtration. The varieties are those of the territory, unknown to the general public, and are all viewed through new lenses. Grapes such as Quagliano, which abandons residual sugars and low alcohol content to become dry pet-nat, or like Neretta Cuneese, a variety erroneously considered to be of series B which becomes central in the glass. We will hear (and drink) some good ones.

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Every Monday and Friday at 15.00 and 17.00 we await you with our Masterclasses on wine. Discover with us the territory and the native varieties of Piedmont!

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