Lady's kisses - 190g

Lady's kisses - 190g

Rosso Gentile Agriforno

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Ingredients: tonda gentile hazelnut, type 2 soft wheat flour, butter, raw cane sugar, salt, 70% dark chocolate


In a small town at the gates of the Langa and at the foot of the Alps, Vicoforte, the three partners, Luca, Stefano and Enrico have transformed their passions into everyday activities. Among the hilly lands of Briaglia, Vicoforte and Mondovì they cultivate traditional variety cereals and grains, naturally low in gluten, following the organic method, without forcing the crops and giving the right rests and alternations to their land. In the field they have many varieties of wheat, such as Gentil Rosso, Frassineto, Autonomia, Verna but also Einkorn and Rye which, together with the traditional Piedmontese corn, such as Pignoletto and Otto File are for them a great tool for the protection of biodiversity and for the study and experimentation of cereals for bread-making. From these precious cereals they obtain all their baked goods such as cakes, biscuits, panettone and rusks which are cooked in the historic wood-burning oven of the Borgo di Vicoforte. The result is high quality products totally without the presence of preservatives.

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Every Monday and Friday at 15.00 and 17.00 we await you with our Masterclasses on wine. Discover with us the territory and the native varieties of Piedmont!

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