Aperitivo Agricolo

Aperitivo Agricolo


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Lovers of the cutting board, rejoice! We have the ultimate gift box for members of this large fan club. After all, those who have never turned their noses up in front of a triumph of colorful and inviting companions Da Braja, when we talk about "agricultural aperitif", we think of a rich, convivial and stimulating banquet, to be enjoyed in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. A ritual that once consumed leaves room only for a satisfied sigh and the promise: to be repeated. 

Inside you will find:

Toasted hazelnuts Tonda Gentile Trilobata 200g, Azienda Agricola Bergese
Whole Wheat Flour 1kg, La Cascina dei Conti
Buckwheat flour 500g, La Cascina dei Conti
Linden honey, Braja
Diced eggplant, Casa Matilda
Zucchini cream, Casa Matilda
Pear Mustard with Curry, Casa Matilda
Amber Beer 75cl, Frè Farm
Blonde Beer 75cl, Fré Farm

How to:

While a meal is being prepared in Braja's kitchen, the unspoken rule is: entertain yourself with a bite and keep a good full glass always in sight. Hazelnuts with Bionda di Frè will work great. Now we can really get our hands on the dough: with a blend of wholemeal flour and buckwheat, prepare and bake some very rustic bread sticks, bread or focaccia. Prepare some bruschetta with zucchini cream, raw ham from Cuneo and cacciatorino, slice some aged hard cheese and finish with our lime honey and curry pear mustard in combination. Keep the Ambrata cool, because you know that one sip leads to another, and when the oven is still hot, clear your throat and announce: it's ready!

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Every Monday and Friday at 15.00 and 17.00 we are waiting for you with our wine Masterclasses. Discover with us the territory and the indigenous varieties of Piedmont!

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