"Asì" Red wine vinegar from Dolcetto di Dogliani - 250ml

"Asì" Red wine vinegar from Dolcetto di Dogliani - 250ml

Casa Matilda

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Wish a vinegar with a very short supply chain and very long persistence? Here it is! Asì, from red wine, is made with the Dolcetto di Dogliani grapes grown in the vineyards inside the Casa Matilda farmhouse and it is fermented with Acetobacter according to the traditional French method d'Orleans. This Dolcetto vinegar is the result of years of dedication and perseverance. After the harvest and vinification, the wine is deposited inside the barriques where, in a completely spontaneous way, it triggers the acetification process. Over the following years the barrels are "tucked up" and the vinegar "stirred". These complex activities are to be carried out with kindness and precision to facilitate oxidation. The result is a complex and elegant vinegar, yet perfect to be kept in the center of the table. To give salads and steamed vegetables a boost, to enhance the taste of grilled red meats in marinades or when sauces lack a vertical thrust.e. 

Ingredients: Dolcetto di Dogliani grapes
Contains sulphites


The acid journey of Anna and Fabio of Casa Matilda, a farm and farmhouse in Dogliani, begins as the most exciting stories often do: unexpectedly, by chance or by fate. Asì delle Langhe, a historic and prestigious vinegar factory in the area, announces its closure in 2016. Anna and Fabio, emotionally attached to the company, decide to take it over, thus taking a leap into the void. Their noble mission was to save a pillar of the local gastronomic heritage, although it seemed to be madness at the time. The great design of the project showed itself clearer step by step. The small and ancient vineyard of Dolcetto di Dogliani next to the farmhouse and considered marginal until then, became another, fundamental piece: now it is the main source of vinegar for the vinegar factory. The vinegar is produced through the artisanal Orlèans method, a technique requiring very long time and constant care. Starting from grape harvest, it takes an average of 4 years to obtain a product with a comically lower final yieldore compared to that of industrial production. Yet, these "slow" vinegars have nothing in common with conventional vinegars, those produced in great hurry. Their beauty and versatility is capable of elevating an unbelieveble number of recipes: dfrom fish to salads, from braised meats to sauces, from vegetables to desserts. You will be amazed of how soon these vinegars will become your next "never-again-without" ingredients!

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