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Pronunciation: / braj /
Masculine noun
Scream, scream, roar
 Braja = Scream

Braja in the Piedmontese dialect it is the imperative to scream, shout. "Braja fam" is the name of our farmhouse, at its origins the humblest area of the farms of the noble family of Sommariva del Bosco, in the province of Cuneo. It is here that a vegetable garden abandoned for over ten years has given life to an even more generous and extensive project than the fruits that that piece of land has given us.o.
Braja is a house with open doors, a meeting point for those who gravitate towards the surroundings and an arrival point for those who want to immerse themselves in a rural and contemporary bubble. It is Piedmont with an accent that smells of Sicily, that smells of the Middle East and that recalls the mid-seasons of Brooklyn. We are in the Roero, but we have brought here the places where we have sown pieces of heart.
From Braja we understood that sometimes you have to go away to be able to find yourself in the place of the soul, what we have always called home. With attention, love and patience we observed nature and listened to the seasons, and in their becoming we heard the echo of an agricultural cry, firm but gentle, which claimed:

the earth is high!


In dirty hands, in curved backs, bent over the ground, we recognize the value of hard and tiring work, yet noble and high. The humility and sweat of a peasant world that we want to redeem and whose extraordinary results we want to promote.
With our producers we have woven deep human relationships made of esteem, trust and sharing of founding values. Our ethics looks to biodiversity, sustainability and territoriality; the principles of "good", "clean" and "right" promoted by Slow Food, with which we share this rich and proud land, are indelibly written in our DNA. Our philosophies are aligned, but from Braja every agricultural story finds voice and space: the products bear witness to this, all full of precious cultural and gastronomic values.
Braja is a community united by love for this territory and the desire to enhance it through slow, responsible and kind agriculture. Ours are peasant stories of courage and resilience. They are deserving realities, worthy of attention. Ours are unique, exquisite and expressive products. We are proud to be who we are and we say it as we do in the farmhouse: out loud!


braja azienda agricola di cuneo piemonte

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Every Monday and Friday at 15.00 and 17.00 we are waiting for you with our wine Masterclasses. Discover with us the territory and the indigenous varieties of Piedmont!

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