Red and Rosé wines

Spoiler alert: you will see a lot of Nebbiolo. The most celebrated Piedmontese red grape variety is declined in the Langhe, Roero and Barbaresco versions. Star of indisputable stage presence, Nebbiolo interprets these terroirs by telling us through different registers the places and people who have cultivated it. In this red collection, however, there is also room for rising stars, lesser-known native vines but with all the cards on the table to lead the way. From the more authentic ones such as Barbera and Dolcetto, to the (still) less explored ones such as Slarina and Grignolino, autochthonous grapes rescued from oblivion. These bottles come from vineyards and cellars where sustainability and biodiversity are diktat; they are labels created by sensitive and enterprising wine artists, set in a land where the culture of wine is solid and ancient.
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Every Monday and Friday at 15.00 and 17.00 we await you with our Masterclasses on wine. Discover with us the territory and the native varieties of Piedmont!

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