Round of applause for Livio, Nicolò, and Elia. Two brothers (the first) and a friend who start from experimenting in the home kitchen by upsetting what was taken for granted about apples and ciders. A breath of fresh air and a sprinkling of heresy, this trio only released their first label in 2019, and the rest is already history. The Craveri & Lamberti Sidreria has taken the apple from the Cuneo area, one of the first provinces in Italy involved in this production, and has reappropriated it from its place of origin, dressing it up again in the guise of eclectic and unmissable ciders. They have chosen to retain the fruits rejected by the cosmetic standards of the market, and have stopped them there, in the Saluzzo area. That unexpressed value has been transformed into full and expressive classic method ciders and pet-nats to be consumed throughout the meal. They are juices from a piece of Piedmont that cries out for redemption. They are love letters to places and landscapes of all time, written without the force of habit making them banal.
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Every Monday and Friday at 15.00 and 17.00 we await you with our Masterclasses on wine. Discover with us the territory and the native varieties of Piedmont!

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