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Well yes, in addition to wine and beer there is more. The world of artisanal ciders in Italy is yet to be discovered. The Craveri & Lamberti Sidreria has taken the apple from the Cuneo area, one of the first provinces in Italy involved in this production, and has reappropriated it from its place of origin, dressing it up again in the guise of eclectic and unmissable ciders. In our Braja gift box, you will receive Arvirà , the apple Spumante produced with the traditional classic method, Randevù - a Pét-Nat refermented with Ezio Cerruti's Moscato grapes and finally Ram!, the very latest arrival in Sidreria or a Pèt- Nat refermented with ramasin (local plums).

In this box you will find:

It will come | Craveri & Lamberti Sidreria
Randevù | Craveri & Lamberti Sidreria
Ram! | Craveri & Lamberti Sidreria


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