Pignolet Corn Flour - 1kg

Pignolet Corn Flour - 1kg

La Cascina dei Conti

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Flour for polenta as it should be, as it once was. This stone-ground and partially sieved flour comes from the grains of Pignoletto Rosso and Pignoletto Giallo, ancient varieties of Piedmontese corn. Flour with raw grains and full and multifaceted taste. This blend of native varieties saved from oblivion due to poor production yield, are an exquisite historical testimony of good peasant eating and a shining example of how good there is in safeguarding biodiversity. One flour pperfect for those who love to savor the time of preparation in the kitchen, for those who know how much care and slowness in the kitchen reward. The prize The most successful and satisfying polenta ever! 

Ingredients: Corn
It may contain traces of gluten


The story of La Cascina dei Conti is the story of a farm and an agri-mill where the stubbornness of peasant knowledge prevailed. Refusing the path of empty, homologated and very white modern flours, Claudio Merlo decided to grow ancient and native varieties, saving them from oblivion and grinding them in the least invasive way possible: using stone. The old stone mill allows not only to preserve the extraordinary organoleptic qualities of the cereals, but to preserve their proteins, vitamins, enzymes and minerals, precious nutrients which are usually cut away in the refining process of commercial flours. The fields cultivated by Claudio, a farmer and miller of few measured words, are an extraordinary landscape gift and his expressive and structured flours are an eloquent description of the work and spirit of this silent cereal artist.

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