Verduno Pelaverga DOC 2020 - 75 cl

Verduno Pelaverga DOC 2020 - 75 cl

Diego Morra

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From the grapes of the Verduno vines comes this frank and charismatic Pelaverga juice. Alively and brilliant color and a rare expressive richness: on the nose the spices alternate revealing warm, peppery, intense and enveloping notes and a fresh and harmonious mouth.After harvesting at the end of September, a soft destemming and a tumultuous fermentation at a controlled temperature follows, with short but frequent pumping over and racking in about 8 days to best preserve the varietal aromas. V.inification, malolactic fermentation and aging takes place entirely in steel. Diego's Pelaverga rhymes with rustic dishes, with cold cuts and cheeses, with first and second courses of character. 

Variety: Pelaverga Piccolo 100%
14% vol
Contains sulphites


Monvigliero state of mind.A hilly velvet that unites the heart of Verduno with Alba, the capital of the Langhe. An amphitheater with slight slopes and a solid ground of marl and sandstone that gives full voice to the prince of the hill: Nebbiolo.In the harmony of this territory, the'FarmDiegoMorra grows grapes with daily passion. The story of the Morra winery is a story that involves three generations, which began in the mid-twentieth century from a small patch of land and which today has 30 hectares of vineyards distributed between Verduno, La Morra and Roddi. A constantly evolving story, where the balance between man and nature is constantly renewed. Today at the helm is Diego, the heir who has firmly embarked on the route towards environmental sustainability: following the principles of integrated pest management, every grape variety is located within the most suitable terroir, leading it to full self-expression. For Diego Morra, recognizing and enhancing the peculiarities of the vineyards in which he works is crucial. THEvineyards are mainly cultivated with Nebbiolo, but there is a significant presence of all the typical vines of the area, such as Dolcetto, Barbera and Pelaverga.

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