Sorì, Artichoke Liqueur from Asti del Sorì - 50cl

Sorì, Artichoke Liqueur from Asti del Sorì - 50cl


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Sorì is not a simple liqueur: it is a toast to rural pragmatism. From the Artichoke of Astigiano del Sorì, a very fresh Slow Food Presidium torn from oblivion, an alcoholic extract obtained through the cold maceration of leaves and carducci, citrus fruits and spices. This is the Sorì recipe, but the real ingredients of this liqueur are the relationships and experiences of the people who produced it. From the holistic vision of the organic artichokes of Stefano Scavino (aka Duipuvrun) in Costiglilole d'Asti, to the fine art of dosage and assembly of Chinati Vergano, Sorì is made both to be mixed and for an on the rocks at the end of the meal. He has broad shoulders, and believe us: he is not afraid of unscrupulous food and wine pairings. Sorì brings smiles, but its name owes it to the cultivation environment; in Piedmontese the“sorì” it is in fact the term apt to evoke the sunny hillsides to the south. It is usually the vineyards that win these enviable exhibitions, but the small plots of Sorì manage to make their way. In this heavenly habitat, the artichoke lends itself to being grown without the use of pesticides and with organic fertilization of the soil, often associated with the use of cover crops. "A responsible consumption of Sorì helps to fight the traumatic loss of the sense of place", says Stefano: our salvation.

Ingredients: Artichoke Astigiano del Sorì, organic ethyl alcohol from wheat, white cane sugar (19%), citrus fruits, spices
35% vol


Stefano Scavino is a horticulturalist by profession and an architect by training. A soul with peasant roots led him to found Duipuvrun in 2015, a hillside vegetable garden in Costigliole d'Asti, where he grows, in addition to many other vegetables, the Artichoke Astigiano del Sorì. This is where the enhancement process for this variety was born. Stefano's work looks at landscape, design, gastronomy and biodiversity. This is the starting point, and from there to move towards a concept of peasant work as a transformation, as a political act that recognizes and validates it. Stefano did it in Duipuvrum, but his pragmatic contribution reached the Braja garden. We couldn't be more excited to welcome him here, with his Sorì.

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